Paste your messy phone numbers in the left textarea. Choose a country and an output format, and copy the result to clipboard.

How to use to with Excel or LibreOffice Calc ?

You can use this tool to easily format a column of phone numbers in any spreadsheet.

1. Select the column you want to format, copy-paste it in the left area.

2. Select the numbers country and your output format, make sure Preserve lines with errors is checked.

3. Click Copy to clipboard. Go back to your spreadsheet, select the column you want, and paste the result.

Formating lists of phone numbers you recolted in spreasheets via forms or other user entries is often a headache. To use with automated tools or even for user readability, you need them to follow a unique format.

Which output format shoud I use ?


E164 is the International Telecommunication Union recomendation. This format is compatible with most automated tools, and is independent of the dialer country.


This is the number with national prefix. This number most often cannot be use as is.


This is the number as you have to type it if you are calling from the same country.

Built with React and Google's libphonenumber - Created by @guilro

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